Real-time Branding

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Real-time Branding

I read an article on where the author talks about how social media is affecting branding. Social media, the author says, has shortened the time consumers take to share their experiences with their peers. This affects the way companies react and treat to angry/dissatisfied customers. Author sums up his post with the following points:

Most firms do not have the marketing reflexes to respond in real time. There are a number of implications for executives:

  • Every company must have "a brand radar system" to constantly monitor social media. The good news is that if a company commits to this notion of having a brand radar system, there are many tools to help build this surveillance capability.
  • Firms must get used to being "naked" to the marketplace. There is no question that all the things that happen with your customers and even within your firm may become a matter of global, public record in minutes.
  • Companies need a "trust bank" with their customers. 
Now, there are few tools in the social media itself to know what people are discussing about. For example, Twitter has the trends thing that shows what people around the world are tweeting about. However, I have not seen any social media site or tool that helps you scan for such trends. A few marketing research companies does this for their clients. But, I think there is a need for such an application which can scan various social media and find out what the hot topic is! It should also be able to tell you region wise who is talking what. Just a thought. May be social  media sites themselves might come up with a premium service for companies to find out these details or may be there already exists some service like this that I am not sure about. Eager to know what you are thinking about this.

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