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While I was talking to one of my colleagues, she degraded Harry Potter as a "Kids book". Oh! What a shame! So, I thought of taking the underlying factor of the book to show how "adult" (no pun) it is. The underlying fact is that it states love is universal, love and hope will win over evil in life. So keep the love flowing and hope growing. So what is it for the muggles out here?

For you (muggles) to keep up the hope you need to know how to keep it up. I shall tell you who to keep in touch with and who to avoid. The entire muggle race can be split into two groups without the help of conventional divisions like sex, caste, creed, color etc. Most of them belong to one of the groups and some of them have a leg in each of them moving the other leg depending on the situation. So, Ladies and Gentlemen its time to introduce the two new groups... The Saps and The Supps. I know the names are funny! I always like to have the bad news first, so let me introduce the negative group first.

The Saps

Saps are the people who exhaust the energy in you. Whatever the situation may be they can easily find the negative part of it and take the air out of you. You come across these people in everyday life, in every office, in every neighbourhood. The easiest to spot are those who go for morning walks in groups just to get de-motivated (funny isn't it?). As far as they are concerned nothing is good in this world, everything is wretched and people are bad, government is bad, their neighbors are bad, sky is bad, earth is bad and so on. When India loses selectors are bad and when they win it was fixed by bookies.

These people are like the Dementors in our world. For the muggles, dementors are deadly creatures that can suck out hope from you and they guard the prison of azkaban (Thihar jail in muggle world is azkaban in magical world). What are you without hope? a living vegetable! So beware of these people they can suck the hope out of you and make you feel miserable. Some of the managers urhm... hrmmm.. belong to this category (report from kekran and mekran consulting co.) So it is advised not to take your manager seriously ;)

Now you might be asking how to avoid such people. In magical world there is a spell - expecto patronum. According to famous translators there are more than one meaning to this spell in muggle world. tow of the most important, closest and useful ones are: "Make fun of them" and "run like hell" :D

The Supps
Supps is the shortened (and hence sweetened ;)) version of "Suppliers". These guys can pull you out of any situation and provide you with energy, hope, confidence etc... Mostly these are the people who have succeeded in the leadership arena. They can keep the energy of the group/team high with their high spirits (non alcoholic thingy). They have a positive outlook to everything, like this Wharton prof who claims recession is good! or the sociologist who sees even the drug mafia as a useful social element (claim is they provide employment to anti-drug forces).

These people prop up the image of Hagrid or may be Dumbledore. For the muggles, Hagrid is the gamekeeper of Hogwarts and (late) Dumbledore was one of the celebrated head masters of the school (Hogwarts is like DPS or Don Bosco school in India). Kekran and Mekran company has surveyed and found that Supps are scattered everywhere with no particular majority in any type or sector. However they offered an extra tip saying that most people who tend to be supps in younger age (read: in college) degrade and move into saps category in due course of time.

Now you might be asking how to stop supps degrading into saps? While there are no such example or aid from magical world, supps can hang together when they feel like their energy is going down. More like, thinking about the good things while doing the patronum charm. It helps... It really helps.

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  1. nicely said.. though i think that saps sometime help in being realistic :P
    on another note.. i can think of an example from magical world.. forming of DA to keep themselves from the insanity, Umbridge :D


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