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Whenever you think about some part of your life there are memories attached to it. If a parent thinks about his child's schooling then probably the child's first day at school is the most impressed image. If you think about marriage, then the first time you met that special someone might be the image that will conjure up in your mind (This actually depends on the state of your marriage ;) ). If I think about cricket the first image that comes to my mind is Ajay Jadeja taking a diving catch running in from long off (or was it long on!?) in Australia (Think it was Sydney.. not sure). The next image is that of Hero Cup (1992) semi-finals where a teenager was chosen over Kapil Dev to bowl the 'make-or-break' last over! Why these images!?
I don't know... may be because that was the time I took cricket seriously and I was promoted from being audience to being a fielder for the team with less number of players in my area's gully cricket ;) But that's completely besides the point. What matters is that the teenager who bowled the last over went on to symbolize cricket in my life! For million others as well, he symbolized cricket and everything that is related to success in it!

They say, every now and then, God comes down to earth in human form and shows us the way! I think Sachin is one such human avatar of God. And he not
only taught us how to play cricket but everything about professionalism, ethics, conduct and many other easy to pronounce difficult to follow words. This is another reason that every Indian finds a certain closeness towards this genius. No wonder every parent wanted their son to play cricket and become a Sachin and not any other sport person. Sachin was the epitome of talent and success for people. But he was also the pinnacle of discipline and hard work. Here are the 10 Commandments that he taught us while he was busy collecting trophies, making India win and break records:
  • Hard work always pays!
    • Imagine the number of training hours he put in as a child to reach international arena at an age of 16! (He played 52 continuous days at the age of 14)
  • Never say die!
    • Everyone remembers the young Sachin who stood his ground after being hit on his nose by a Waqar bouncer and played on to make a half century in that innings.
  • Always have a bigger goal than selfish intentions
    • He always played for India's victory and never for his personal records. Case in point, India Vs WI 2007, 4th ODI - Came to crease in 25th over, reached 85 (66 balls) in the 44th over. He rotated the strike to dhoni till 49th over on the other side who got 40 off 20, and reached his century in the last ball of the innings. 100 (76 balls)
  • Be Positive
    • India Vs Aus 2003 WC Finals: Aussies thrashed Indian bowlers and plundered 350+ runs, the most in WC finals till date. Sachin explained to his colleagues that "if they can hit one boundary an over which looks quite achievable, then you have 250 balls left and only 160+ runs to get. Now thats not difficult is it? Come lets go and win this match" (view 5:15 to 6:41 Harsha on Sachin)
  • Be honest
    • Numerous occasions when he left the field even before the umpire gave him out and in some he walks off even if the umpire never raised his hand! (Aus-Ind              Coca-Cola Cup, Sharjah the final qualifying match).
  • Be Humble
    • He visited a 80 year old woman fan at her residence. Possibly his oldest fan. (Read here)
  • Respect your guru
    • He went to get his coach's blessings for every match being played in Mumbai.
  • Respect your opponent
    • No sledging or altercations or even undue celebrations when an opponent wicket falls. And when there is a good ball bowled at him he nods his head in respect and approval.
  • Teach others. Lead Them
    • Countless young men learn from him. Even in the middle of a match, tips are free-flowing. There are people who are designated leaders and then there are leaders. Sachin was a leader (View same Harsha video from 4th Commandment).
  • Learn all that you can
    • A master batsman himself is also a great bowler (considered the golden arm under Azharuddin) and never failed to learn from both his successes and failures and in all departments of the game.
And so they say, "Commit your crimes while Sachin is batting, for even the gods are busy watching his innings!"

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  1. sachin is gifted, a genius. not selfless, he had his own interests, played his games behind the screen to prolong his career, when his form was at his ebb. we Indians always overdo when eulogising ourselves. let it be ARR's oscar, or now this man.

  2. For more non-believers of Sachin and Rajesh AC - http://www.sachinandcritics.com/index.php

  3. Good one Shanky...:)
    Looking forward to more posts from you.

  4. @Aishu aka melbournemangai :) - Will try my best to be regular.. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  5. Well Written Machi !! . The Bull@ Points are indeed check points for any aspiring Talent.

  6. Awesome piece for an awesome human! Well wrote da......whn he gets runs, Sachin Tendulkar is the name which brings smiles on the faces of the entire population.... even the foes find a common cause to rejoice.... SACH is the magic!!


  7. Hey Shanky...really a gud one


  8. Nice one..Here is my blog on sachin


    and a montage for him: http://bit.ly/e02kta

  9. Thanks Aravindh and Nishant... Honored by your visits :)

  10. So true...I agree to this point strongly, Sachin indeed is an avatar.


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