Indochina Adventures I

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"10 days, 5 friends, 4 modes of transport, 3 countries and zero worries!" I had even set my FB status message for the vacation. Packed backpack - check; Passport - check; Forex in USD - check. All that remains is to have fun! We had chosen Bangkok as the central hub for our trip as the flights were cheaper and we had easy options of overland travel within Thailand-Cambodia and Vietnam

The five of us congregated at the nondescript and my second least favorite airport in India - Chennai. Quick round of drinks at the airport bar and we had started on the right note for the trip. Ignoring the smirking lady at the immigration (on seeing our Thailand tickets) and past the pan chewing security forces and subjected to the tormenting frisking we were aboard Air Asia flight to Bangkok. The sweet Thai from the cute air hostess put a smile to the inebriated mind. Air Asia had moved their operations to the older Don Muang airport from October 2012 and this was a spot of bother for us. None of us had prior experience with this airport. 

Anyway it was all unfounded and we finished the process and took the prepaid taxi to donw town area and headed to our hotel. Best Comfort Inn, was the hotel used by my friends during their earlier trip to Thailand. Anyways we arrived early morning and the guy at the reception tried to extort money for early arrival. I, being the expert in Thai among the 5, was put in front of him. I made sure that I frustrated him enough, with my half Thai half sign language, to let us get in without extra charge. It is very important that you don't overdo this bit with your fractured language else you might find yourself on the street with no room!

We were 5 bachelors set out to enjoy for the next 10 days. One of my mates wanted to see Angkor Wat and I wanted to SCUBA dive, other than that it was intended to be no plans hold fun trip. So it was only fair that we started the sojourn with drinks brought from the street bars of Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The next day we decided to visit the Grand Palace and the Siam Ocean World. As it turns out with any of our plans it was only on paper. It was an eventful and also a dehydrating day. Will update that soon!

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