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This post is not about the latest multi-lingual movie directed by Jayender, starring Siddharth. The movie has anyway been ruled as a dud by many of my friends. So, this is about the 180 that we studied in Maths and Physics... The 180 degree shift!

The joy of fundamental science is in the way they are so applicable in everyday life. 180 does provide us with joy, to say the least.

I am talking here about the 180 degree shifts that our thought process makes leading to seemingly normal decision making, perception building and eventually, our behavior. However, I feel some of them are quite absurd. In recent times, I have been time and again reminded of few of these perceptions and behaviors that are contradictory in nature bringing out the 180 shifts!

Experience: When we are ill, we want to be attended to by an "Experienced" doctor. When we have all our family inheritances on the balance, we seek the counsel of an "Experienced" Lawyer. For anything that we dearly value, we need "Experienced" professionals. But when it comes to life and sometimes in office, we dismiss the words of the "Experienced" people. Why? Because we have been asked to be radical. Innovating and breaking the rules are the 'in' thing! But we forget how valuable the wise words of the experienced people can be in our endeavors, especially when it comes to ground reality and implementation.

Courtesy: Have you observed people file in one after the other in office lifts and leave one after the other. They show a simple courtesy to their fellow passengers or workers. However, we become like men possessed when it comes to the road. Be it a public transport like bus/metro etc.. or our own vehicle... We show no mercy! We forget humanity, leave alone the basic courtesies. 

P.S.: These are the two shifts that were staring right at me in recent times. If you can remember more... please let me know!

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